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Saturday Lotto Prize Odds

The Saturday Lotto offers exceptional prize odds when compared to other Australian lotteries. It also has Australia’s best jackpot odds. You can see a full breakdown in the table below.

Prize Division Odds Of Winning Win Amounts
Division 1 8,145,060:1 2
Division 2 678,755:1 46
Division 3 36,689:1 1,073
Division 4 733:1 52,139
Division 5 297:1 127,753
Division 6 144:1 243,158
Any Prize 85:1 424,171

Mathematical probability dictates that the more you play, the more likely you are to win. For even better odds you can also try playing with System Entries, though it should be noted that these cost extra.

History Of The Saturday Lotto

The Saturday Lotto has been a true Aussie institution for over four decades. Since the very first draw in 1972, the lottery has been making lucky Australians rich and continues to steadily pump out more millionaires on a weekly basis.

The game is now played throughout the country, branded as The Lotto or Saturday Lotto in New South Wales and Western Australia, Gold Lotto in Queensland, Tattslotto in Victoria, Northern Territory, Tasmania and the ACT, and as X Lotto in South Australia.

Saturday Lotto Winning Numbers

Here’s a list of all the most popular Saturday lotto winning numbers. These can be considered “hot numbers”. If, however, you prefer to play using the “cold number” strategy then you’ll know which numbers to avoid. The thinking behind cold number strategy is that numbers which haven’t been drawn yet are therefore overdue, so many players prefer to play those numbers instead.

22(155) 1(152) 40(150) 5(149) 18(146) 21(142) 33(142) 12(142) 7(140) 6(139)
25(139) 32(139) 11(139) 24(139) 39(138) 13(134) 36(134) 38(133) 37(133) 26(133)
34(132) 27(132) 15(132) 20(131) 16(131) 10(129) 3(128) 31(128) 29(127) 8(126)
19(125) 4(121) 23(121) 28(121) 9(118) 17(116) 30(116) 2(107) 35(102) 14(101)