Saturday Lotto Rules

If you’re new to the Saturday Lotto then this page is just for you. You’ll find all the information you need on how to play the Saturday Lotto, details on the game’s rules plus a full breakdown on prize divisions.

Regular players, meanwhile, are certain to find this information useful, in particular our section on how to win large, unshared jackpots.

How To Play The Saturday Lotto

If you already know how to play lotto then you’ll find playing the Saturday lotto a breeze. All you have to do is pick six numbers from a range of one to 45.

The Saturday Lotto Draw takes place at 8:30PM AEST / 9:30PM AEDT live on Channel 7TWO and entries close one hour before.

In total eight numbers are then drawn, six regular numbers plus two supplementary numbers. If you get all the regular numbers right you hit the jackpot, while additional prizes are awarded for combinations of regular and supplementary numbers – for more information see our breakdown of prize divisions.

Saturday Lotto Rules

Below are the most important rules for playing the Saturday Lotto. These rules are provided as-is and may change without further notice – you are therefore still advised to check the complete rules from your state’s lottery provider.

Participating In The Saturday Lotto

You must be 18 years or older to legally play the lottery.

Claiming Winnings

It is your sole responsibility to ensure the safety of your ticket. Prizes under $1,500 AUD can be claimed from the retailer, anything over that must be collected through your state’s lottery operator. You have six months to make your claims. All lottery winnings in Australia are tax free.

Saturday Lotto Prize Divisions Breakdown

Below you’ll find a full prize breakdown of the different Saturday Lotto Divisions plus information on how the prizes are split. (For a breakdown on prize division odds check out our Odds and Statistics page.)

Division Required To Win % of Prize Pool
Division 1 6 Regular Numbers 28%
Division 2 5 Numbers + 1or 2 Supplementary Numbers 3.8%
Division 3 5 Numbers 8.2%
Division 4 4 Numbers 12.4%
Division 5 3 Numbers + 1 or 2 Supplementary Numbers 20.8%
Division 6 1 or 2 Numbers + 2 Supplementary Numbers 26.8%

How To Win The Saturday Lotto

Winning the lotto isn’t as difficult as people think.

The odds of winning the lowest tier prize on the Saturday Lotto are just 85:1. Saturday Lotto also offers exceptional jackpot odds when compared to other Australian lottos such as Oz Lotto and PowerBall.

To improve your odds of winning you can play with system entries. To minimise the risk of shared wins, meanwhile, we recommend the use of randomized entries (i.e. quickpicks). People generally play special “lucky numbers” which almost invariably are date-related, whereas with quickpicks you get a fully-random set of numbers with a wider spread.

The secret to winning the lottery can be summed up in one word - persistence. And no, that’s not some new-age wishful thinking codswallop either, it’s a fact backed up by verifiable mathematical probability – the more you play, the more your odds come down, simple as.

Just remember that you have six months to collect your winnings – so if you have old tickets make sure to run them through our Saturday Lotto number checker.