22 Winners in the Australian Saturday Lotto Superdaw June 2015

Congratulations to the lucky winners of the fourth Saturday Lotto Superdraw of 2015! The June 20 Superdraw had 22 winning tickets across Australia awarding $1 million AUD each.

The number of winners isn't really surprising for Australian Lotto Superdraws. The higher jackpots of around $20 million AUD attract a lot more lotto players than regular Saturday Lotto draws with $4 million AUD jackpots. Combined with good odds of winning the Australian Saturday Lotto (1:8,145,060) in comparison to other lotteries, e.g. Oz Lotto (1:45,379,620), Superdraws have had an average of about 14 Division 1 winning tickets since 2006.

The Winning Numbers for draw 3539 were 8, 10, 22, 27, 39, 44 plus Supplementary Numbers 20 and 25. It is yet unknown if the winning tickets were bought by syndicates or individuals but we are sure every winner is happy about their windfall, even if they have to share it with other group members.

No luck this time? Don't worry, the next Saturday Lotto Superdraw will be held on August 1st 2015 with another huge jackpot of $21 million AUD. This will be the fifth Superdraw in 2015. Also check our list of all Australian Superdraws since 2006.