Win Millions Just by Hitting Six Digits Right on the Saturday X Lotto.

The Saturday X Lotto is one of Australia’s most popular lotteries with an 85:1 chance of winning any prize. The lotto is played in South Australia but is also available in the rest of Australia just with varying names. In Western Australia, for example, it’s just called Saturday Lotto while it’s known as Saturday Gold Lotto in Queensland.

The chances of winning the jackpot are higher than other Australian lotteries with the odds at 1:8,145,060. These are actually better odds than other Lotto systems such as the Powerball Lotto with odds at 1:76,767,600; significantly worse than a chance of one in eight million.

How to Play Saturday X Lotto

Playing the Saturday X Lotto is very easy! The rules are very straightforward. All you have to do is choose six numbers from a range of one to forty-five. Eight numbers are then drawn from a machine containing forty-five balls. The eight numbers comprise of six regular numbers and two supplementary numbers.

Winning the jackpot means getting all the regular numbers right. Additional prizes are also awarded to those who are able to hit combinations of regular and supplementary numbers. These are called “division prizes” or the level of prizes. The Saturday X Lotto has 6 Prize Divisions and the Division 1 Prize is won when an entry has all six main winning numbers. There are also two different modes in playing the Saturday X Lotto, you can choose from Standard or System. You can learn more about playing and how to win on our Saturday Lotto Rules page.

Draws take place at 8:30 PM AEST (9:30PM AEDT). The biggest jackpots of the Saturday X Lotto are in Superdraws that amount up to $20 million AUD or more and the annual Megadraws with jackpots exceeding $30 million AUD.

Saturday X Lotto Winner Stories

Just recently, a pair of high school sweethearts from Adelaide won the Saturday X Lotto draw and are now millionaires! The draw had resulted in four winning entries from across Australia, each winner taking home the prize of $1,021,747.62 AUD.

Other recent winners of the Saturday X Lotto are a syndicate from Whyalla, winning the first division prize of over $2 million AUD from the $20 million Valentine’s Day Superdraw. The syndicate, all made up of 16 friends, were very ecstatic about their big win. This was also the second year in a row that Eyre Peninsula City produced the winning entry for the February Superdraw.

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