Saturday Lotto Superdraw 9th May 2015

Approximately seven times a year, the Australian Saturday Lotto gets rolled over into Superdraws with huge jackpots of around $20 million AUD.

Last week's draw 3527 was one of those Superdraws with a jackpot of $21 million AUD. The winning numbers drawn on Saturday 9th May 2015 were: 4, 13, 27, 29, 31, 32 with Supplementary Numbers 34 and 36. The jackpot of the 3rd Superdraw in 2015 was shared by 17 winning tickets, each worth $1,235,294.12.

The previous Superdraw on March 28 this year saw 13 tickets with the correct winning numbers: 13, 16, 17, 18, 25, 29 and Supplementary Numbers 26 and 27. Each of those tickets was worth $1,615,384.62.

The odds of winning the Australian Saturday Lotto and its regular Superdraws are 1:8,145,060. These odds are pretty good compared to other lotteries, e.g. Australian Powerball whose jackpot odds are 1:76,767,600. No wonder Saturday Lotto Superdraws in Australia most of the time have 10 winning tickets or more!

No luck this time? No worries, there is another Superdraw coming soon! The next Superdraw will take place on Saturday June 20 2015 and has a jackpot of $22 million AUD. Signup for Saturday Lotto results to get notified about the results shortly after the draw!