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Saturday Lotto Megadraw January 2016

Megadraw 2016

Are you ready for another huge Australian lotto jackpot? The 2016 Megadraw #3595 will take place on the 2nd of January 2016 at 9.30pm AEST. With $30 million AUD up for grabs we can't think of a better way to start the New Year!

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Win Millions Just by Hitting Six Digits Right on the Saturday X Lotto.

Saturday Lotto

Play one of Australia’s top lotteries! The Saturday X Lotto has the best odds with easy rules and jackpot draws every weekend.

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Aussie-Made Luxury: What Prizes in Lottery Can Buy

Antarctic Nail Ale Beer

Dreaming of winning the Superdraw jackpot? Here's what you can buy in Aussie-made luxury food and beverages if that comes true.

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Aussie-Made Luxury: What a $21 Million AUD Superdraw Jackpot Can Buy

Most Expensive Surf Board

The next Superdraw on August 1st has $21 million AUD up for grabs. And while one can only hope against the odds of the draw, we've come up with five of the most fantastical (and expensive) things that $21 million jackpot can buy!

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22 Winners in the Australian Saturday Lotto Superdaw June 2015

Superdraw 22 Winning Tickets

The fourth Saturday Lotto Superdraw in 2015 on June 20 had 22 winning tickets across Australia scoring $1 million AUD each.

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Our Top Picks for the Funniest Lottery Tweets

Funny Lottery Tweets

There's nothing like the prospect of winning millions to get people to come up with creative tweets – here are our favourite lottery tweets!

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Unclaimed Lottery Wins in Australia

Unclaimed Lottery Wins

Did you win? Did you check your numbers this week? Have you lost the winning ticket? Are you a lottery millionaire now and don’t even know it? It could be you, but if you didn’t check you will never know.

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What Is a Lottery System and How to Win Big?

Play Lottery as a Team

Why you should never choose your birthday or anniversary for your lottery numbers? Find out here.

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Top 3 Draws with Most Winners in Saturday Lotto History

People celebrating

The prize at stake for Saturday Lotto draws in Australia generally attracts massive numbers of hopeful would-be millionaires.

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Saturday Lotto Superdraw 9th May 2015

Jackpot Luck

The Australian Saturday Lotto gets rolled over into Superdraws with huge jackpots several times a year. Last week's draw was one of those Superdraws with a jackpot of $21 million AUD.

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