Lottery Glossary

lotto glossary

A guide to the most common terms used in the Australian Saturday lotto with easy to understand explanations.

Cold Numbers: Cold number theory is a belief that numbers which have not been drawn for some time are "cold numbers" and, although there is no correlation between the results of one draw and another, its proponents believe these numbers are therefore "due" to be drawn in future. (See also Hot Numbers)

Draw: The official draw of the Saturday Lotto where the winning numbers are selected.

Draw Closing Time: This is the cut-off time after which tickets will no longer be accepted for an upcoming draw. Players have until an hour before the draw to purchase tickets. Any tickets purchased after the time limit will be entered into the following Saturday night's draw instead.

Draw Time: The time when the official Saturday Lotto draw is held (8:30PM AEST / 9:30PM AEDT)

Draw Number: The numerical designation of a specific draw date, used to differentiate it from other draws.

Divisions: The Saturday Lotto has six different prize divisions – different levels of prize values starting with the jackpot and working downward in value based on statistical probability of winning.

Game: Can refer to the lottery itself, in this case the Saturday Lotto, or to your participation in a particular lottery draw.

Hot Numbers: So-called Hot Numbers are numbers that have recently been drawn with notable regularity and are sometimes considered to be lucky. (See also Cold Numbers)

Jackpot, Record: The biggest amount ever won in a given lottery. In the case of the Saturday Lotto the record jackpot is $16.32 million AUD. While this may pale in comparison with the record jackpots of Oz Lotto and PowerBall, it should be noted that these lotteries have considerably larger jackpot odds.

Megadraw: A special event (usually held just once a year on the first Saturday after Christmas) where the jackpot is raised to $30 million AUD or more. Further information on past and upcoming events can be found on our Saturday Lotto Megadraw page. (See also Superdraw)

Odds: Lottery odds refer to the probability of you winning a prize. In this instance you have a one in 85 chance of winning a prize with the Saturday Lotto and an 8,145,060:1 chance of hitting the jackpot – far below that of other major Australian lotteries.

Play Slip: The ticket (or form if playing online) that you fill in to pick your numbers and participate in an upcoming draw.

Prize Pool: The amount from ticket sales thrown into "the pot" as it were, which is then used to fund prizes. The more tickets are sold the larger the prize pool grows.

Quick Pick: A convenient and advantageous way of playing though use of a computerised random number generator. Since humans are more likely to pick the same numbers as one another (this is proven by scientific studies) let the computer pick your numbers for you to help prevent shared jackpots.

Regular Numbers: These refer to the main numbers the player picks, which are drawn first. Two supplementary numbers are drawn after the main draw and are used to award specific prizes. (See also Supplementary Numbers)

Results: The resulting numbers drawn from any given Saturday Lotto draw.

Rollover: Rollovers occur when there is no jackpot winner – the prize amount is then moved over to the next draw, while additional funds are added to grow the jackpot further.

Oz Lotto: Though commonly referred to as the Tuesday Lotto, its official brand name is Oz Lotto.

Strategy: Many people believe that playing with a specific strategy can help them win, however there is no scientific basis for this belief. Lotteries are games of chance, although there are ways to improve your chances of winning such playing via system entries. (See also Hot Numbers, Cold Numbers)

Superdraw: Special jackpot events held several times throughout the year whereby the jackpot is raised to $20 million AUD or higher. For further information, including information on upcoming Superdraw dates, see our Saturday Lotto Superdraw page. (See also Megadraw)

Supplementary Numbers: These are the two numbers which are used to determine prizes in divisions two, five and six. These numbers are drawn separately, after the main draw of six numbers if over. (See also Regular Numbers)

System Bet / Combo Bet: By using this method you can pick more than the standard six numbers and enter them in all available combinations into an upcoming Saturday Lotto draw. This increases the cost to play, but also dramatically increases your chances of winning.

Tax: This refers to taxes, however there is no tax on lottery winnings in Australia.

Ticket: The paper ticket (or web form if playing online) on which you pick your numbers. (See also Play Slip)

Winning Numbers: The randomly drawn numbers which determine the results of a given draw. (See also Results)